Strategic Communication

Whether you are trying to influence policy or follow its twists and turns, success demands that your organization effectively engage policymakers, third-party allies, and stakeholders — both internal and external.

Sluxia Engage is our unique package of tools and services through which we, with our client partners, develop compelling content and tailor its delivery to the audiences that are essential to your success.

Sluxia Engage can solve your strategic communications needs in a variety of ways, either serving as a standalone public relations firm or as an enhancement to our advocacy or policy work.

Here are some of the ways we currently help clients harness our communications strengths to more effectively advocate, influence, and inform:


  1. Comment Writing Campaigns
  2. Driving robust grassroots participation through regulatory comment and congressional letter writing campaigns.
  3. Social Media Management
  4. Creating and maintaining respected social media leadership profiles through Twitter and Facebook.
  5. Infographics and One-Pagers
  6. Designing creative infographics, “one-pagers,” and advocacy documents that transform arcane policy issues into a compelling story.
  7. Paid Advertising
  8. Devising, designing, and placing impactful advertisements in print and digital formats.


  9. Op-Ed Placement
  10. Crafting and placing strategic op-eds that appear both inside-the-Beltway and across the country.
  11. Earned Media
  12. Executing on earned media and story placement strategies that deliver results.
  13. Public Polling
  14. Working with established polling firm partners to drive a compelling policy narrative.
  15. Policy Briefings and Roundtables
  16. Conceptualizing and executing impactful, well attended, and influential stakeholder gatherings in the Nation’s Capitol.


  17. Website Design
  18. Building state-of-the art websites for coalitions and issue-based advocacy campaigns — both affordably and fast.
  19. Newsletter Development
  20. Establishing thought leadership with externally-facing policy newsletters.
  21. Internal Communications
  22. Formalizing an organization’s communications through internal newsletters, slide presentations, and content development.
  23. Video Production
  24. Choreographing professionally produced videos that provide compelling testimonials to shape the policy debate.