Our role is to enhance your experience wherever your dreams take you.

Since 2015 we’ve been offering our clients a smarter and better way to expand their global footprint; for leisure and business alike.

Our global team of expert tastemakers pride themselves with over four decades of collective travel intelligence and extensive networks of industry professionals that ensure we’re always up to date with exceptional and remarkable offerings, and the capacity to negotiate special perks, amenities and VIP treatments on behalf of its clients.

In addition to travel services, Sluxia also helps its clients successfully relocate their lives, lifestyles, and companies to favourable climes. These services are offered through some of the world’s leading immigration and investment firms accredited to offer Residency and Citizenship by Investment programs by the diverse host countries.

Your journey as a Sluxia client begins with a consultation to better understand your goals before crafting a custom solution that best suits your travel or long-term immigration need.